Want to meet fellow car lovers and exchange tips, opinions, and advice on cars? Then you need to head over to any of the five forums for car enthusiasts listed below:1. Reddit.com/r/CarsReddit is a massive online community that is ranked among the 50 most popular websites in the world. The /r/Cars sub-reddit is a small community of over 132,000 car enthusiasts where you can share your thoughts on opinions with fellow car lovers (or ‘Motor Heads’ as the resident Redditors call them!).Website: Reddit.com/r/Cars2. Honda-Tech.comWith over 45M posts and over 521,000 members, Honda-Tech is the largest forum for Honda car enthusiasts, and possibly, the single largest brand-specific car forum in the world. If you own or love Honda cars, this is the place to be.Website: Honda-Tech.com3. LS1Tech.comAlthough it is oriented towards American audiences and car makers (Chevy, Corvette, Dodge, etc.), LS1Tech is still one of the best places to discuss automobiles online. It has over 213,000 members and nearly 15m posts, making it one of the busiest car forums in the world.Website: LS1Tech.com4. 6SpeedOnline.com6SpeedOnline is dedicated to sports and luxury car enthusiasts. Much of the discussion revolves around high-end performance brands such as Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes. It’s a great place to be if you are passionate about performance cars and want to be around like-minded people.Website: 6SpeedOnline.com5. BimmerPost.comBimmerPost, as the name suggests, is dedicated to BMW cars. Come here to get your daily fix of the latest news and opinion about the German automaker.Website: BimmerPost.comCar forums are a great way to connect with fellow car enthusiass and share thoughts, tips and advice. Although there are hundreds of car forums online, the five listed above are a great place to get started!