Modern cars have a plethora of extra features to make our driving that much more convenient and luxurious. With the arrival of electric engines, these cars have the ability to offer all manner of extras.

For example, modern cars have sensors on their exteriors, allowing them to detect when a car is too close, for example when overtaking. With a combination of sensors and permanent GPS tracking, they can also sense when a car is crossing a line in the road. These sensors are also used for cruise-control, allowing a car to slow down when it senses it is getting too close to the car in front. Finally, and possibly most importantly, these sensors, along with a convenient video screen, can show us how close we are to other cars when we attempt to park.
Cars are also able to offer connectivity to their passengers. Many modern cars now come equipped with 4G capability, giving access to the internet on the go. This truly excellent addition allows online players to remain online while travelling by car, proving the superiority of mobile versus desktop gaming, which is a constantly raging debate. Such connectivity also means that children can be entertained with videos and movies on long journeys, ensuring that the driver has one less thing to think about.

Whilst internet capability is great in a car, it is important that the driver does not partake in any online activities whilst driving. If they are using a hands-free device with voice activation, then there may be some leeway, but surfing the net, watching videos or checking out social media are all activities to be avoided when one’s focus should be on the road.