Joining a car club is a great way to meet like-minded car enthusiasts and pick up tips, lessons and advice on buying, maintaining and enjoying your car. Follow these steps to join a car club:

1. Understand what you need
Before you go searching for a car club, understand what you truly need. Do you want a club where you can talk to others about the latest cars? Do you want to discuss performance modifications? Do you own and enjoy sports cars, or do you want to hang around with fellow city car enthusiasts?

There are clubs for virtually anything you are passionate about. Understand what you need, and the whole search will become a lot easier.

2. Understand the requirements
Every car club has different requirements for entry. Some are free for all – anyone and everyone is invited. Some give membership only to owners of a particular car model or brand. Some others are open only to owners of performance cars or racing enthusiasts. Before you start applying for membership, make sure that you understand the requirements thoroughly.

3. Start your search online
The best way to find a club in your area is to simple Google it. Start by searching for “car club + [your city]” to get some search ideas. From there, you can narrow down your search by requirements. For example, if you are want to join a sports car club in Liverpool, you would search for “Liverpool sports car club”.

4. Fulfill the requirements, and join
The final step is to fill out the application (this will vary from club to club), fulfill the requirements, and join the club!

You can now go ahead and discuss, learn and share all the things you are passionate about with your fellow club members.