Whether you spend a few hours over a weekend or a few hours every evening working on your car, there are a few essentials that will make your life a lot easier. You don’t need to buy them all at once; add them to your wish list and let friends and family know! Here are our top ten essentials for your garage:

1. Trolley jack
A trolley jack can be used for any inspection job and is versatile as it can be used inside and out. Get a good quality trolley jack and check its weight bearing load.

2. Wrenches and spanners
A good selection of wrenches and spanners are a must. Ask around amongst family and friends to see if they have any that will add to your collection. Socket sets in both imperial and metric measurements are another essential.

3. Screwdrivers
A comprehensive collection of screwdrivers is useful for all sorts of jobs on your car. Get a selection of both flat-blade and cross-point screwdrivers and you will be prepared for any job that comes up.

4. Compressor
For any major restoration work, a compressor will speed up your work rate. Compressors power air tools such as an air drill and an air screwdriver and can also be used to supply air to paint sprayers.

5. Air tools
As previously mentioned, air tools will save you a lot of muscle power and time. As a minimum, get an air drill and an air screwdriver. Air powered sanders are also available and will be helpful in preparation of panels for painting.

6. Car Mover
When you are working in a confined space, it can be difficult to move your car around. Stringo make vehicle movers that are ergonomically designed to enable one person to move a vehicle easily and safely.

7. Tool chest
To keep your garage tidy and organised, get a tool chest. A tool chest will save you a great deal of time, as you will be able to find the correct tool for the job in hand quickly and easily.

8. Magnetic LED light
A magnetic LED lamp that will clamp to metallic surfaces makes every inspection job easy. LED lamps give a bright, white light that provides excellent illumination for your work.

9. Tyre pressure gauge
It may sound simple, but a cheap gadget such as a tyre pressure gauge can save you a lot of money. Making sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure will improve the way your car uses fuel and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

10. Pressure washer
A pressure washer is an excellent idea for speeding up cleaning your car. It will rapidly remove all loose dirt and you can then get on with polishing. Pressure washers can also be used for washing down your driveway and cleaning up exterior paintwork on the house and garage.