Technology is improving at a rapid pace in all areas, and none more so than in cars. Gone are the days when you could jump-start an engine or spend hours trying to use antifreeze to get the motor started. Most modern cars these days have engines that are run fully by a computer, and if they break, a mechanic is the only way.

Many people have made predictions about the future of automobiles such as driverless cars. These cars would be able to pilot themselves by simply having the GPS coordinates programmed in for the destination. In fact, while this concept initially seemed rather far-fetched, already there are cars that have cruise control, can break when sensing another vehicle in front of them and have complete car body alerts for the driver in parking or for cars passing. Tests have been done to see if these chauffeur cars will actually work and there have already been some great successes. It remains to be seen whether we humans can let our love of control go enough to hand over the reins to a machine.

Of course, lest we forget, car technology has already made leaps and bounds, with today’s cars now featuring the ability to offer Wi-Fi. Passengers can now enjoy a less tedious commute or journey as they can directly connect their smartphone to the car and surf the internet, play online games such as poker, or simply chat with friends.

There have been other wilder ideas such as flying cars, different types of fuel that will be used and of course the overall look and design of the car. For some reason, a popular idea is that our cars will look like spaceships – all angles, hidden wheels and streamlined appearances.

Whatever the way forward, we can rest assured that it will only serve to make our lives simpler and more luxurious.